Lost property service

In association with SBB we offer customers assistance in recovering items found on the public transport network. This harmonised service makes it easier to search for lost property and improves the tracking of items that have been found.

Online loss report

The easiest way to declare the loss of an item is to complete an online loss report. This is free of charge. The location in which you wish to recover the item must be specified on the form.

Loss report at a ticket office or by telephone

You can also declare the loss of an item at one of our customer centers by telephoning SBB Rail Service.

If you find an item

You have found your lost property again.

Recovery tax

We will inform you immediately of our search results. If we are in possession of the lost item, it will be returned to you within 48 hours in exchange for the relevant recovery tax.

CHF 5.- on presentation of your annual Mobilis pass or SBB GA Travelcard
CHF 10.- on presentation of your monthly Mobilis pass, monthly point-to-point Travelcard or SBB Half Fare Travelcard
CHF 15.- without presentation of a travelcard, for recovery in one of our customer centers
CHF 20.- without presentation of a travelcard, for recovery at a SBB station

Safekeeping of lost property

The Ordinance on Public Transport specifies that lost property must be kept as follows:

  • one month for items whose value does not exceed CHF 50
  • three months for items whose value exceeds this sum

Unclaimed lost property

On expiry of the legally applicable period, any unclaimed items are passed on to the company fundsachenverkauf.ch and sold by auction on https://ricardo.ch.

20% of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Fondation Collective des Oeuvres Sociales des transports publics de la région lausannoise.