GA travel pass

Would you like to go wherever you want using public transport without worrying about buying a ticket?

By purchasing a 1st or 2nd class general pass (GA) you can enjoy unlimited travel on the entire tl network as well as on the SBB railways and on buses and metros in almost every Swiss city and conglomeration. Furthermore the GA is available with the majority of Swiss private railroad lines. You will also enjoy different advantages with numerous mountain railroads.

Available at our customer centers the GA is sold at a reduced price for kids, students, families and seniors.

Price list

The following price list is in Swiss francs and is notable from the 14th of December 2014.

Travelcard2nd class1st class
kids GA 1615.00 2705.00
junior GA (16 - 25 years old), student GA (25 - 30 years old) 2600.00 4430.00
adulte GA 3655.00 5970.00
senior GA 2760.00 4635.00

Purchase and renewal

Soled in our customer centers desk equipped with the SBB system.

Specific conditions

Note that the additional night cost is not included with the GA travel pass. For the use of our night buses please pay the additional cost.