FAIRTIQ: the smart, practical ticket

Thanks to the FAIRTIQ application, you no longer need to buy your ticket in advance, specify the arrival station or worry about reading the zone map. Regardless of how many times you change railway lines or means of transport, you will be charged the cheapest fare for all the journeys completed.

The application is available free of charge in the App Store and from Google Play

Téléchargement de FAIRTIQ sur iOS Téléchargement de tl live pour Android

Which type of ticket do I need? Do I need a short trip ticket or a zone 1, 2 or 3 ticket? Am I allowed to make a return trip with the same ticket or do I need a new one? Thanks to the FAIRTIQ app, you no longer have to worry about zones or choosing the right ticket for your trips at the ticket machine.

Using the FAIRTIQ application

After installing the FAIRTIQ application and creating your account, select one of the payment methods: credit card, Swisscom bill, TWINT or Reka Card. Indicate whether you have a Half Fare Travelcard or a Mobilis pass in the “Ticket settings” option. FAIRTIQ will then charge you for the appropriate ticket at the right price after you have completed your journey.

Using the app in a few easy steps:

  1. Open the FAIRTIQ application
  2. Slide the START button across before getting on board
  3. Complete your journey
  4. Slide the STOP button across at the end of your journey
  5. If you forget, FAIRTIQ will send you a reminder

FAIRTIQ calculates the correct fare from among the single tickets and Day Passes available, and you will pay the best price.

If a ticket check is carried out on board, simply select the “View my ticket” option and show your phone screen to the ticket inspector. To use FAIRTIQ, you must be connected to the Internet during your journey and your battery must be sufficiently charged.

FAIRTIQ on the tl and Mobilis network and in Switzerland

Travelling with FAIRTIQ is the same as travelling with a Mobilis pass. Irrespective of the railway line or company, you can pay for all trips on public transport within the Mobilis zones using FAIRTIQ.

You can also travel with FAIRTIQ on any part of the network where the GA Travelcard is valid (in Switzerland and Liechtenstein). FAIRTIQ will calculate the cheapest ticket for you. For example, take the train from Lausanne to Zurich, the postbus in the Val d'Anniviers, the bus in Fribourg or the tram in Basel. You can also combine different means of transport (train, bus, tram, boat) as part of the same journey and without closing the application. You will then have a single ticket at the best price.

Calculation and billing

The FAIRTIQ application recognises the route travelled by using geolocation. It calculates the price and automatically debits the corresponding amount. If you make several trips on the same day, the maximum total amount charged will be that of a Day Pass, i.e. the most beneficial option.

Your loyalty is also rewarded when you use FAIRTIQ five days in the same month: you will receive a credit equal to 5% of your purchases to be used during the following month.

More information at www.fairtiq.ch