Legal Information

Legal information

By consulting the information, indications or documents on the tl website, you agree to comply with the conditions set out below and with our general terms and conditions of use.

Use of the tl website

All content (texts, illustrations, photos etc.) on the tl website is protected by copyright and, unless otherwise indicated, is the sole and exclusive property of tl, transports publics de la région lausannoise sa. The same applies in particular to written or picture logos and brand names, timetables (theoretical and real times) and data about the state of the network.  The user must also comply with any indications on this website concerning the protection and usage rights of third parties.

tl provides the information and services on its website for personal use and for information purposes only.

Certain pages and/or parts of the tl website may be downloaded, saved, printed and reproduced in another way provided that the copyright statements (e.g. ©tl) or other legally protected designations are not deleted. tl retains all ownership and usage rights and may revoke this authorisation at any time.

The reproduction (in part or in full), distribution (electronically or by any other means), modification, creation of links or usage for public or commercial purposes of the information and services of any kind included on the tl website require the prior written consent of tl. Please send your requests in writing to our head office.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes which arise concerning you, as a visitor and user of the tl website, as a result of your use of and visit to the tl website, is the head office of tl, transports publics de la région lausannoise sa in Renens. Swiss law shall be exclusively applicable.

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