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Lausanne Nord to Epalinges: Effortless Mobility

More frequency, more connections, more services

Transport services on the Lausanne Nord – Epalinges section are improved.

tl is committed to sustainable and accessible mobility for all. With efficient public transportation, the city is more pleasant to live in and travel is easier.

So don’t wait any longer!

Board the lines 45, 46 and N2 and enjoy effortless mobility.


Your public transport offer that works by reservation.

This service is intended for people who travel in areas not permanently served by public transport or outside network operating hours.

From January 16, 2023 the Taxibus offer is changing. The expansion of the 2023 network now replaces the Taxibus service for the areas of Crissier, Paudex, Cery and Chailly-Vuachères. In addition, the development of the night offer replaces the Morning/Night Taxibus offer.

The zones of Montheron, Epalinges, Lutry and Pully-Belmont will continue, but under changed conditions, as can be seen below under Special conditions.


952 – Pully-BelmontCHF 2.- / pers.
954 – LutryCHF 2.- / pers.
959 – EpalingesCHF 2.- / pers.
956 – MontheronNo supplement


Call 0800 805 805 to reserve, at least 15 minutes in advance.

Indicate the departure time, the stop where you wish to be picked up, your destination and the number of accompanying persons. The car that picks you up has a “Taxibus” sign.

Timetables and maps

Special conditions

From January 16, pick-up and drop-off in the Montheron, Epalinges, Lutry and Pully-Belmont zones will be at a tl stop and no longer at a private address.