Pricing system

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To travel on the tl public transport network, you must pay for a Mobils transport ticket. Mobilis is the ticket for the Vaud Tarif Community (CTV). This extends over 355 municipalities and includes 12 partner companies including tl. With a single ticket, you can combine different public transport methods and travel on the entire CTV network.

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Travelling only occasionally on our lines, you prefer to have a ticket rather than a season pass. Purchased at the machine, on the tl app or by SMS, your ticket will depend on your journey and you may benefit from a reduction. Day passes or group tickets are also available

Zone system

From your starting point to your destination stop, you travel in one or more Mobilis zones. The number of zones covered defines the price and validity period of your ticket.

Price zone maps

Mobilis price list

Grand Lausanne

Zones 11 and 12 (2 zones) benefit from a single rate allowing travel within this perimeter without worrying about zoning.