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Buy online

App tl

Buy your Mobilis and national tickets directly from the tl app.

Take advantage of real-time information on the network!


Annual, monthly and flexiAbo travel passes or day pass. Shop directly online at our tl_shop.

SMS to 456

Do you only travel occasionally on the tl network?

Use SMS, a mobile, practical and fast solution to buy a ticket. No more change required for the ticket machine!


No need to buy your ticket in advance or work out your route. You will be charged the cheapest ticket for all journeys taken, no matter how many times you change line or means of transport.

Buy at a sales office

Customer centres

Experienced advisers are available in our various customer centres to advise you and answer all your questions.

Partner sales offices

Partner kiosks and tourist offices: an alternative near you, with extended hours!

Ticket machines

Buy your tickets using the ticket machines available at certain stops.

Our business solutions

Whatever your needs, whether you are a small, medium or large company, we are here, as a mobility specialist, to support and advise you in your search for solutions adapted to you. Our innovative, tailor-made and economically interesting offers will allow you to effectively develop the sustainable mobility of your company and your employees.