General terms and conditions of use

General terms and conditions of use

General terms and conditions of online sales (hereinafter referred to as the GTC, applicable to online travelcards or "Lausanne 2020 Mobilis tickets")

1.Aim and legal information

These GTC govern the rights and obligations of the parties with regard to the online sale of products and services made available by

Les Transports publics de la région lausannoise, a public limited company (SA) headquartered at Chemin du Closel 15, 1020 Renens, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as tl), and purchases made via the portal (hereinafter referred to as the e-commerce services).

Any person who indicates a valid e-mail address is able to create an account on the online sales site operated by tl. However, only those persons with a SwissPass card and associated number can access all the e-commerce services and are permitted to purchase the travelcards made available by tl (see 2.3). To take full advantage of the e-commerce services, you must therefore acquire a SwissPass card at one of our points of sale.

It is strictly forbidden to purchase any travelcard or a "Lausanne 2020 Mobilis ticket" for commercial purposes (in particular for resale). Reselling products to third parties or to other companies, and entering into business with third-party companies, are prohibited. In order to be deemed valid, any condition which contradicts or deviates from these general terms and conditions is subject to the prior written confirmation of tl.

These general terms and conditions supplement all national provisions and fares, and the general terms and conditions of SBB Swiss Federal Railways regarding the acquisition and use of a SwissPass card, as well as the specific conditions in force for the various Mobilis products and services (in particular T651.22, Vaud fare network).

Furthermore, these provisions and fares remain applicable and can be consulted online:

tl reserves the right to modify its prices and products at any time, and to amend or update the terms and conditions for order and delivery.


2.1.General principle

The purchase of any item from the site constitutes acceptance of these GTC by the customer.


Modifications or updates of the conditions for order and delivery, or of the product range, or restrictions with regard to deliverable volumes, remain possible until the order has been confirmed by tl. Modifications become applicable from the date of their publication on the tl websites.

Any specific conditions regarding different products and services remain applicable.

2.3.Purchase procedure

The following travelpasses can be purchased via the tl online sales site (exhaustive list):

  • nominative monthly and annual Mobilis travelcards, 1st and 2nd class, on a pre-existing SwissPass card, and "Lausanne 2020 Mobilis tickets"

The purchase of products and services via the tl online sales site is subject to prior one-off registration on the site.

The customer places an order online using one of the means of payment accepted by tl on the above-mentioned website.


Following each successful purchase, an e-mail confirmation of receipt is sent as proof of purchase.

All tl offers are without obligation. The contract between the customer and tl is only entered into if tl accepts the order placed by the customer. The sales contract is deemed to have been concluded when the purchase is confirmed.

Once the purchase confirmation has been received, the order can no longer be cancelled online. The customer has no right of termination or withdrawal (the right to request a reimbursement or the exchange of travelpasses in accordance with article 3.6 and the following articles of the T.651.22 fare network provisions in particular, remains reserved). Ref.:

tl reserves the right to refuse the customer's order and to block their user account without having to state a reason, and will do so in all cases of misuse, suspicion of misuse, non-payment of invoices or the use of invalid credit cards.

2.5.Customer obligations

The customer undertakes to provide valid contact details when placing an order, and to pay the price due using one of the means of payment accepted on the online sales site.

2.6.Provisional SwissPass card

SwissPass cards can only be acquired at our points of sale. The production of the SwissPass card is not the responsibility of tl: the production process for the SwissPass card is always dependent on the validation of the customer's photo.

Following acquisition at the point of sale, and until receipt of the definitive SwissPass card, the customer will receive a provisional card bearing an identification number.

The customer can use the identification number indicated on the provisional card to order the travelcard of their choice on the tl_shop website. The customer must print out the confirmation e-mail which represents proof of purchase (see art.2.4) on white paper (A4 sheet, 100% print ratio, portrait format) using a laser or inkjet printer. Spoilt or partially printed proofs of purchase are not accepted.

The customer must keep the provisional SwissPass card and the proof of purchase of the travelcard when travelling, and must show these documents to the security staff in the event of a ticket inspection when using Mobilis services, as specified in the above-mentioned terms and conditions of use. (Ref.:

If a customer is found to be travelling with a spoilt or partially printed proof of purchase of the travelcard, they are considered to be travelling without a valid ticket. If necessary, the customer may be asked to pay the price of the ticket and a supplement. The customer can obtain the reimbursement of the additional price paid for their the journey (but not of the supplement), less processing fees, by sending a written request to tl addressed to the "Service des constats". The provisional SwissPass card and proof of additional purchase of the travelcard must be enclosed with the request.

2.7.Properties of travelpasses

The travelpasses subject to these GTC are nominative and non-transferable.

They are valid solely on presentation of an official valid ID (passport, ID card or driving licence) and/or any other document entitling the customer to a reduced fare (e.g. AVS social security card) in the name of the passenger. The ID card and/or provisional SwissPass card/the SwissPass card must be presented voluntarily to tl staff on request during a ticket inspection.

2.8.Misuse/fraudulent use

In the event of misuse (e.g. repeated non-authorised use or falsification), the journey is considered to have been made without a valid ticket. If necessary, the customer may be asked to provide their contact details and pay the price of the ticket and a supplement. They are also liable to criminal prosecution. tl reserves the right to refuse the customer's order and to block their user account without having to state a reason, and will do so in all cases of misuse, suspicion of misuse or the use of invalid credit cards.

Furthermore, the provisions, requirements and fares mentioned in article 1 remain fully applicable.

3.Right to contest

An order placed via an e-commerce service may be contested by the customer during a period of 14 days starting from the date of conclusion of the sales contract (proof of purchase sent online to the customer's e-mail address). The customer must exercise this right in writing with reference to the confirmation of purchase: using the online form, by calling our customer service on 021 6210111, by sending an e-mail to or by post. Confirmation of receipt must be provided by tl. The customer must visit one of our points of sale to obtain a reimbursement (see article 6 below).


The prices specified are given in Swiss francs (CHF) and include VAT at the rate applicable in Switzerland unless otherwise specified, as well as the guarantee.

The prices of products and services are indicated in the description of the relevant products or directly in the dialogue window displayed during the order process on the tl websites. Unless otherwise specified, these prices are the same as those applied at tl points of sale.


E-commerce services may be paid for by credit/debit card only. Orders placed on the tl website may be paid for using a valid credit/debit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance Card, Maestro CH and International), Twint and Paypal, specifying the number and expiry date of the card in the relevant fields in the dialogue window displayed during the order process.

6.Return and reimbursement of travelpasses

Requests for reimbursement may be made to customer service at the tl head office, either by calling 021 621 01 11 (non-surcharged call), by completing our online form or by sending an e-mail to . The customer must visit one of our points of sale to obtain a reimbursement. No cancellations or reimbursements are possible online or on the tl e-commerce site.

The amount corresponding to the reimbursed travelpasses is credited exclusively to the means of payment used by the customer during the order process.

Furthermore, and in the event of reimbursement, the provisions regarding the 651.22 fare network apply in full. Modifications of the above-mentioned documents remain reserved.

Ref. T651.22:

7.Data protection

All issues related to data protection are described in our Data protection statement (available only in French).


tl refuses all responsibility in the event of direct, consequential or indirect damage resulting from the loss or damage of data. Due to the specific technical characteristics of the Internet, tl cannot guarantee the constant availability of all the reservation modules on its internal site. tl cannot be held responsible for disruptions which occur when placing or processing an order, and in particular for damages associated with the failure to process an order or with the delayed processing of an order. The customer is not entitled to claim the benefits of any promotions or special offers if the system does not become available again until after expiry of the relevant sales period due to technical problems.

tl also refuses all responsibility in the event of default or the non-fulfilment of supply deadlines by its own suppliers, to the extent that this unavailability is not the fault of tl. tl will inform the customer as quickly as possible if a product is unavailable.

The responsibility of tl is excluded within the limits set out by law.

Customer transport, and the customer's journey, are governed by the laws, provisions and fares in force.

9.Partial nullity

If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions should be deemed to be invalid, illegal or ineffective for any other reason, this will not affect the validity of the contract as a whole/the remaining general terms and conditions. The ineffective clause will be replaced by the applicable legislation.

10.Modifications to the GTC

tl is entitled to modify these GTC. They will notify customers of the modifications carried out on the site The version in force at the time of order is authoritative with regard to the contractual relationship between the customer and tl.

11.Language versions

These general terms and conditions exist in French and English. In the event of discrepancies, the French version is binding.

12.Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Subject to any other legal provisions, these general terms and conditions shall be exclusively subject to Swiss law. The application of the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (signed in Vienna on 11 April 1980) is expressly excluded. The same applies to orders placed from countries within the European Union. The exclusive place of jurisdiction and place of performance shall be Lausanne (Switzerland).

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