Bike / scooter / dog tickets

Travelling with your bike

Bicycles are allowed on metros and buses; you must be in possession of an additional transport ticket for your bicycle. It is imperative that there is enough room for the bike, which means avoiding travelling during peak hours when there are a greater number of passengers.

A “bicycle” pictogram is affixed to the outside of each vehicle to indicate the recommended access door. During the journey, you must stay next to your bike to ensure its safety and stability.



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Special condition

 In the event of large crowds (e.g. events), the transport of bicycles may be prohibited.

Travelling with your scooter

If I fold my scooter it’s free.

Only a collapsible, folded scooter is free. An unfolded scooter is considered a bicycle and, therefore, subject to the carrying of an appropriate transport ticket. You will also need a valid transport ticket for yourself.


Travelling with your dog



At ticket machines

Special conditions