Prepaid card

One card, 10 tickets

Do you travel on the tl network occasionally? The prepaid card is a solution for purchasing your tickets that is…

The prepaid card, which is similar to the former books of tickets, contains 10 tickets to print. Thanks to the prepaid card, you no longer need to go to the ticket machine, and no longer need to look for change!

Cards to suit your transport needs

Where can you buy a prepaid card?

 How do you use your card?

Where can you find validation machines?

Emplacement des valideurs pour les cartes prépayées dans le bus, le m1 et le m2

Choice of a 3rd zone for the “Grand Lausanne Plus” card

Choose one of the zones suggested by the validation machine the first time you use your card. The zone can be modified each time you travel.

Ticket validity

The validity is indicated on the ticket. You must pass your card in front of the validation machine as soon as you board the bus / m1 vehicle or at the m2 station.