SMS 456 ticket

Do you travel on the tl network occasionally? An SMS message is a mobile, practical and fast way to purchase your ticket. No need to use a ticket machine. No need for cash.




Purchase your ticket using your mobile phone whenever and wherever you like.



There is no longer any need to search for change. The ticket fare is simply added to the invoice issued by your mobile phone operator or deducted from your prepaid subscription, at no extra charge.



Avoid the queues at the ticket machines. It only takes a few seconds to receive your ticket.

How do you purchase your ticket by SMS?

sms 456 1

Dial the number

Message recipient: 456
Possible with all the main Swiss mobile operators
Compatible with prepaid subscriptions

Please note that the process only works with Swiss mobile operators

Type your SMS

GL for a “Grand Lausanne” ticket (for the Greater Lausanne area)
GLR for a “Grand Lausanne réduit” ticket (reduced price for the Greater Lausanne area)
See the list of SMS codes below


Sending the SMS to purchase your ticket is free of charge
The ticket fare is added to the invoice issued by your operator
No extra charge

Receive your ticket

You can then board the vehicle
Your ticket will arrive within seconds. If the network signal is weak, the process may take longer. If so, do not send a second SMS, as this would result in the purchase of another ticket.

The SMS ticket is associated with the telephone used to order it, and cannot be transferred. It is possible to purchase SMS tickets for one or two other people, provided that everyone is travelling together.
Tickets for 1 and 2 zones - including the Greater Lausanne area (GL) - remain valid for 1 hour
Tickets for 3 zones remain valid for 2 hours
Day Passes are valid on the day of issue and until 5 a.m. the next morning


tableau code sms v4

You can also purchase tickets using our tl application.

The SMS ticket purchase is integrated into the app. It also gives you access to a range of additional functions directly on your mobile phone: real-time timetables, route planners and news about tl.

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